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Defining Shiftwork

There are many work schedules that are called shiftwork. Shiftwork

involves working outside the normal daylight hours. That is, outside

the hours of around 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., the time period in which many

people in our society work a 7- to 8-hour shift. Shiftworkers might

work in the evening, in the middle of the night, overtime or extra-

long workdays. They also might work regular days at one time or

another. Many shiftworkers "rotate around the clock, which involves

changing work times from day to evening, or day to night. This might

happen at different times of the week or at different times of the

month. Police officers and firefighters, for example, often work rotating

shifts. Other workers might have a "permanent shift and only

work at night or in the evenings. Waiters and waitresses, for example,

might work only the evening shift. Night watchmen, on the other

hand, might work only the overnight or "graveyard shift.

Reasons for Shiftwork

There are several reasons for shiftwork. A major reason is that modern

technology has made it possible to do many activities at any time

of the day or night. This "24-hour society of ours requires that

important services be provided at all times. Critical services include

public safety, such as police and fire protection; military defense;

health care; transportation; and public utilities, such as electrical

power, water and telephone. Other industries must operate 24 hours

per day because the production process is much longer than 8 hours

and must be performed continuously. Many chemical products

require such a process. Also, manufacturing industries often have

expensive machinery that needs to be operated continuously in order

to be profitable.

Because several occupations and industries operate around the clock,

other services have expanded their hours to accommodate evening

and nighttime workers. (They also have expanded access for all the

rest of us who simply enjoy the convenience.) Some obvious examples

are grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants that are open

24 hours per day, seven days per week. The increase in these

expanded-time services in the past decade or two has opened up the

job market for new shiftworkers. This is ironic. Because there are so

many shiftworkers, society now needs more shiftworkers.

Who Works Night Jobs?

Estimates of the number of shiftworkers varies with the definition of

shiftwork. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about five percent

of American adults work in the evening. Permanent night workers

and workers with irregular schedules make up another four percent.

Still another four percent are rotating shiftworkers. All together,

this amounts to about 15.5 million people.

Almost any occupation or industry has some people doing shiftwork.

A quick check of lists provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

shows about 2 to 10 percent of almost any occupation

working evening, night, or rotating shifts. These kinds of

schedules happen quite often among police officers and

firefighters. More than half of them work evenings and

nights, and about a quarter of them rotate shifts. Many

transportation and public utility workers about one-fifth

of them also work shifts. Long-haul truckers often make

their best time in the evening or at night.

Lately, many materials must be delivered "just in time, or

just before they are used in manufacturing. For example,

parts for making automobiles are delivered this way. This practice has

forced more truckers to take trips at all hours and at the last minute

to make their deliveries on time.

Night Work Demographics

If we look only at full-time jobs, men work more night and rotating

shifts, while women work more evening shifts and do more part-time

work. However, full-time shiftworking women are not far behind in

numbers. And more women are entering the workforce full time, so

these numbers are changing quickly. Younger people are more likely

to work shifts than older people. African-Americans do more shiftwork

than Caucasian-Americans. Single people work more shifts than

married people. If we look at married couples who each have paying

jobs, about one-quarter to one-third of these couples have at least

one partner who is a shiftworker. If we look at mothers with children

at home, single mothers work shifts more often than married mothers.

Why People Choose 2nd and 3rd Shift Jobs

Some workers actually prefer non-day work, but most do not seek

out shiftwork. Reasons for employees choosing shiftwork include

better pay, more available time during the day for child care, more

daylight hours for recreation, and more time to attend school. Some

workers prefer the night shift because it is quieter and there are fewer

supervisors. Usually, however, workers say they did not choose shiftwork.

They do it either because it is required of the job, or no other

job is available.

Credit to: Plain Language About Shiftwork Roger R. Rosa 1 Michael J. Colligan 2 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES

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