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MY - 6/25/14 12:04 PM
joana: looking job for part time night job after 10pm
US - 6/25/14 8:28 PM
Lrosado1983@gmail.com: Looking for a 2nd job few nights a week and every other weekends
A2 - 6/25/14 11:28 PM
brijesh: 12pass com diploma i need part time job
A2 - 6/25/14 11:28 PM
brijesh: 12pass
A2 - 6/25/14 11:29 PM
brijesh: 8866184872
A2 - 6/25/14 11:29 PM
brijesh: 12 pasa
IN - 7/1/14 3:00 AM
hitesh nakrani: night job
IN - 7/1/14 3:03 AM
hitesh nakrani: i m night gard
MY - 7/2/14 6:28 AM
loh wern loong: i need find a night job whatever oso can ...pls contact me0143316639
IN - 7/4/14 2:57 AM
umesh: Looking for night shift job
IN - 7/6/14 11:31 PM
pravin: looking for night job
IN - 7/6/14 11:31 PM
pravin: light job
IN - 7/6/14 11:32 PM
pravin: looking for the night shift job
IN - 7/10/14 12:52 PM
muzammil,qurashi: muje nahth job
US - 7/17/14 2:17 PM
BALMIKI KUMAR: i am a student .i am studing in 12th class of commerce please argent me night job .my cont no.8130944235,8010038397
IN - 7/26/14 7:50 AM
IN - 7/26/14 7:51 AM
PK - 8/8/14 11:40 AM
asrar: cad cam service provider
IN - 8/18/14 6:24 AM
amit: need for job
A2 - 8/20/14 1:23 AM
athavulla: i am puc student i need night job
A2 - 8/20/14 1:24 AM
athavulla: i am puc stuudent i need night job 8105193350
PH - 8/27/14 10:13 PM
sheryl binamera: im looking for partime jobfor night shift 09072286641
IN - 9/3/14 3:16 AM
ajay: puc completed i want any job in night shift
IN - 9/3/14 3:16 AM
ajay: 9986341002
IN - 9/5/14 6:13 AM
riyaz sayyad: i want any kind of job in night shift ,No:8605149534
US - 9/8/14 10:29 AM
mohammed usman: hi sir i need any job in the night my qualification 10th
US - 9/18/14 8:16 AM
Durgesh Kumar: I need partime in Mumbai me rahta 9594769231
IN - 9/19/14 6:04 AM
sandeep: i want to any part time job in night 9971615399

Welcome! We have several ways for you to find night jobs.
One way is to visit our job board and search for a job. Another is to visit
telecommutepage where you can apply to work from home.

Night Jobs included here are night shift jobs, full time night jobs, part time night jobs, evening jobs,
2nd shift jobs, 3rd shift jobs, and weekend jobs.


Baker - Night
Panera Bread Company - New Hartford, NY
RN/ Coder/ PR Assist.
Little Falls Hospital - Little Falls, NY
Kelly Services - Utica, NY
9. Store Sales Associate
CitiTrends - Utica, NY
Part Time Pharmacy Cashier
RiteAid.com - Barneveld, NY
11B Infantryman - Management Training
National Guard - Utica, NY
Installation Specialist - EU
Granite Services International - Kingdom, NY
Visiting Nurses - Johnstown, NY
CNA's/Phys. Therapy Assist
Mohawk Valley Healthcare - Ilion, NY
Med Surg RN - Medical Surgical...
Medical Staffing Network - Little Falls, NY
Baker - Day
Panera Bread Company - New Hartford, NY
Sales Associate - Gap - Sangertown...
GAP Inc - New Hartford, NY
Catering Coordinator
Panera Bread Company - New Hartford, NY
Shift Supervisor
Panera Bread Company - New Hartford, NY
Medical Technologists
Bassett Healthcare Network - Cooperstown, NY
1. Store Manager
CitiTrends - Utica, NY
Customer Engineer II
NCR - Utica, NY
3. 2nd Assistant Manager
CitiTrends - Utica, NY
8. Manager In Training
CitiTrends - Utica, NY

Where to Find a Night Job

Night shift jobs are often found in industries that operate around the clock. It becomes necessary to run multiple shifts in order to keep costs low, maximize production, and to provide the services that are needed at all hours. In order to keep operations going, 2nd, 3rd and overnight shifts are scheduled. This information can help you in your job search. Here are some types of employment that need workers 24/7.
Airlines: Pilots, ground crew, reservationists and flight attendants work many different shifts. Because flights can run overnight, staff needs to be available for all hours.
Healthcare: People need medical care at all times. Hospitals and nursing homes require doctors, nurses, certified nursing assistants and support staff in the daytime and at night.
Manufacturing: Companies that put together or make items in the food, chemical, electronics, paper, automotive, biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical supply fields need employees to work at night on assembly lines. In order to meet deadlines and demand, a company will run production on three or more different shifts.
Media: This category can be fun because it involves communication in print, on television, on the radio, and even on the internet. News happens constantly and there are deadlines especially for newspapers, TV shows and magazines. There needs to be people available on all shifts to keep information current.
Power Production: This category includes oil, gas, electric and nuclear power. This industry is huge and encompasses refining, production, dispatching, distribution and transportation. These nighttime positions can sometimes be more hazardous than other kinds of work. Some of these jobs during evening hours require work in harsh weather, long commutes and traveling.
Transportation: Products and people are transported day and night on the sea, rail, air and highway and the workforce regarding transportation is enormous.
Jobs in the industries mentioned above can be found on our job board. We have pulled job postings that specifically ask for night shift, 2nd shift, 3rd shift and overnight workers.
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Night Jobs

Location: Any City USA

Industry: Shift Work
00-0000.00 All Occupations
Hours: Full Time and Part- time,


  • Includes all Occupations that offer 2nd shift, 3rd shift, overnight, graveyard shift, part time and weekend employment.

Experience required:

  • Experience requirements vary.

If interested in night jobs employment please apply to one of the listings listed on this site.